Turns out the bees at Pap’s place bit the big one this winter. I think the subzero temps and ferocious wind took its toll. It’s a good thing I’m gifting myself a nuc for my birthday, then.


Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day- tonight at work I was able to buy some organic lemons to make a Lemon Drizzle Cake. I have translated the recipe into standard American cups and such, but since it’s on another piece of paper, I’ll share after I have taken some pictures. Everyone in the house loves this recipe- I like to call it my Lemonade Cake. 🙂

I’m still on a MaryJanesFarm magazine kick- I simply love the atmosphere, recipes, and ideas it gives me. I’m definitely going to send away for a subscription. Speaking of magazines, I need to renew Countryside… ah, spring! Brings out the wanna-bee farmgirl in me.

Before I forget- I saw my first robin today! I always know Spring is close when the robins return. Next thing I know, Dad will be getting the gourds ready for purple martins!

Until tomorrow,