Watched this movie, The Monuments Men tonight with a friend of mine, G. It was REALLY good! I haven’t ever liked a movie about WW2 other than Captain America and the Molly movie. I totally recommend it, to just about anyone. However I learned about the LEGO movie tonight and I may just treat Em to it…

Anyway, Pennsylvania is continuing to melt. On my way home tonight, the roads were semi-bad, but I managed it. At least this long winter has taught me to drive on bad roads! Nearly all of the customers were happy- the weather really has a lot to do with our attitudes, as I am finding out. I was so glad to hear the birds sing, I can barely get over it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about garden planning. I know so little about gardening, and since I can barely keep a plant alive, it will be a challenge. I have been looking at heirloom varieties that will do well in pots. Have any reccommendations?

Also- I’m getting ready to buy some bees for the spring. I’m thinking about trying out a nuc hive this year, and while it comes with a lot of risks, I’m willing to do it. Have any experience with nucs?

Ah, lots of questions tonight. My inner farmgirl is ready to go. Bring it on, spring!

Until tomorrow,