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I can hear rain! Yes, R A I N!!!! While I know it will freeze the roads later, I can’t help but celebrate that it is actually raining out there. This morning’s fog coupled with birds’ song (!!!) and now rain, spring is on its way! Hallelujah! This long winter will be over soon.

I received Elizabeth and Her German Garden today in the mail, thank you so much UPS lady. (I pronounce it ups, like up with an s in the end.) I will be starting to read it during my break at work tonight. Also- I’m swapping A Fine Romance and a copy of Mary Jane’s Farm for some back issues of Victoria with a friend. Don’t worry… the books will be back in my hands, safe and sound, after my friend has finished. Likewise with her books… I love having friends that have interests and tastes like I do!


I wanted to quickly share with you this bookmark I have been using the last few weeks. My favorite bookmark, which was made by HJ a few years ago, is starting to wear out, and is in my copy of This Lullaby, which I have been reading in between new books. I found this bookmark at Barnes and Noble’s a while back, and it’s simply so pretty and springlike. It’s become my second favorite bookmark.

I hope you all have a lovely afternoon and evening!

Until tomorrow,