Remember that hat I talked about yesterday? Yeah, frogged it. However, the project is still for Em, it’s just my next version of my headband I’ve been trying to perfect. This time, it’s a part of the Ravellenic Winter Games 2014!!

I have always wanted to be a part of the Ravellenic Games. This project qualifies for the Hat Halfpipe and Stash Skeleton. Already it’s a quarter of the way finished! That’s what twenty minutes of Netflix and concentrated crochet time can do, my friends. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures because it is late and my camera is awful at pictures in low lighting.

Sorry for the late (and short) post today, but that’s about it… wait! I bought Susan Branch’s A Fine Romance at the bookstore, too. I’m really enjoying it so far, and I’m barely a chapter into it! I’m still reading A Year in Provence, and I hope to write a review when it’s finished.

Until tomorrow,