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This is what happens when you have leftover yarn for over a year. Yes, there are two separate projects in that picture. Yes, there’s plenty enough for a hat, and yes, it turns out that pastel rainbow does not complement my skin tones. However, there is a member of the house, aptly named Em, which a pastel rainbow complements quite well and has a good head for hats. My next project is, indeed, a hat. Because, of course, I can’t get enough headwear this winter. Thanks Polar Vortex part 3.

I mentioned briefly yesterday that I have tried making a Hybrid Hat before using that forsaken Boutique Unforgettable yarn. I think this yarn, which is Plymouth Encore Colorspun, will work out nicely. It’s pretty lofty, and since it’s still woolly while being acrylic, it will suit both Em’s and the washing machine’s tastes. I remember this yarn being a dream to crochet with, as according to my Halcyon blanket I made Addie nearly a year ago. By making this hat, I can effectively use up the rest of this yarn and make room in my stash.


There’s a beginning picture of the hat. It’s both crochet and knit, so I think it’ll be a happy challenge for me. I haven’t done much crochet in the round yet, so the increasing is hard for me to wrap my head around. Using a moveable marker is also really weird and confuses me quite a bit. I have figured out, though, that moving the marker with each round helps ease the chaos. I suppose that once the increasing is done, the project will calm right down and be smooth sailing from there on out. That, of course, has yet to be seen.

In other news, I have started reading a new book! (By the way, on Goodreads, you can make a goal for the number of books you read in 2014. My goal is 75 books.) I saw on the Susan Branch blog, which I have been binge-reading in my spare time, that she adores a book titled A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle. On Pinterest, I’ve been pinning a lot of images of the English countryside, so I figured that a dip into the French countryside wouldn’t be so bad.


It turns out that I am l o v i n g this book! Mayle’s style really helps bring out the charm of Provence. Mostly, I love reading his descriptions of people, and how they go about. I like the idea of being more mindful and relaxed, which the people of Provence have down to an art. I’m not much of a relaxed person by nature, and the minutes I get to stop and read this book- honestly, I’m not kidding- have given me new insight on being more relaxed. (Gosh, I sound so hokey right now!) Also, I’ve learned how to hunt for truffles. How that will help me on a hunt for morels this spring, I have no clue. Maybe I should invest in a morel-hunting dog.

Until tomorrow,