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rosie (headband)

I am back again. I’m going to make more of an effort this month. 2 days down, 26 to go, you know. (Sorry for the LoTR reference, but I don’t read/watch LoTR, and it’s a catchy title anyway.)

rosie (headband detail)

There, two detail photos of the new headband I talked about yesterday. Nice, yeah? I know the flower is a little off-center, but I like it that way. Makes it look more handmade than bought from a store. Store-perfection bothers me, even if it’s something I want to achieve with my handmades.

Lost Lake + Black Tea Headband

Lately I’ve been reading Lost Lake for the secondy-billionth time because it’s super good and I love Allen’s writing. Even though I’m cheap, the day after it came out I drove straight to the bookstore and bought it. I am fervently dedicated to my favorite author, aren’t you? Lost Lake is posing with the next headband I’m making, this time for HJ.

Black Tea (headband detail)

I’m calling this one Black Tea. (My last one is called Rosie.) For some reason, the colors remind me of black tea, even if black tea is more brown than purple-y. This headband has a bit of a looser gauge to it, but I am not particularly worried. If HJ doesn’t like it, then I don’t like it. She hasn’t had any issues yet, so I’m going to keep crocheting.

How is your Sunday? I’ll see y’all soon!