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Usually, this is all I see of Bill in the winter. He likes his door a lot, preferably hanging open. Sometimes he’ll let the wind shut it, but usually he’ll bonk it open so it’s hanging just perfectly.


Today was a little different. I was coming up the hill with a little something special in my hand, and Bill knew it. So he braved all of the inch of snow to come out and investigate.


In my hand… ORANGES! Bill hadn’t had oranges before, and since we had one laying around, I took it up for him to try. (After a quick search to see if oranges are safe for goats, which they are.) After a few sniffs, he took all the oranges at once and practically woofed them down.


I think he liked them. After a few pets, a hug, and a goatie style kiss, it was time for me to go back inside.


“Here’s a goat kiss to keep you going!”