so i'm a little scruffier than this, but this is the kind of blog party that's going on in the barn

so i’m a little scruffier than these women, but this is the kind of blog party that’s going on in the barn

Three years ago I wrote my first post here. And now, at 10:35 PM I’m here again, writing this message to you. It’s part celebration, part apology. I’m a bad blogger, to be honest, and I’m sorry about it.

Anyway, three years ago I started a blog about my goats and my dreams and here I am, trying to rekindle the kind of blue sky dreams that I used to have and finally put them into motion. Three years ago I started an adventure that would come and go, but be there every day. Three years ago I made a commitment that I haven’t kept very well.

But today, is a new day, even if it’s nearly over. Today I look back on three years and smile at how goofy my 15 year old self was. I’m still just as goofy. I still give Bill kisses and hugs every day, and tell that old goat that I love him every night.

Three years have gone by in a blink of an eye, and while I think 15 year old me would give 18 year old me a bit of side-eyeing and a smack on the head, I couldn’t wish it any different. I’m glad you’ve been there with me, blog and blog readers.

To three more, yeah? Let’s do it!

Edited to Add: Have you seen this short film yet? It’s perfection. Udder perfection, in my opinion!