On Monday we had the first snow of the year. While there’s (a lot) of people that will grump around about the first snow, I love it. I really, truly do, guys. On the other hand, Bill really, truly, hates snow. When I let him out this morning, he jumped out of the barn as usual, took one good look at the mountain, snorted, and jumped back in. I swear that goat is more of an old man than a real goat some days.

Anyway, first snow! I was so happy. I was singing Jingle Bells as I was taking care of Bill. (Jingle Bells is my favorite Christmas song.) I tried to make a snowball, but it was a very sad, half melted snowball that stuck to my mittens. By the time I got to school this morning, the snow was gone. There’s always until next time, dear snow. Come again soon!

Something about the first snow of the year makes me feel like there’s fresh beginnings in the air. The holidays are so full of renewal and beginnings that I can’t help but try to start over, to to make amends with mistakes I’ve made. Like right now, on this blog. Trying again to gather my blogging mojo back is a lot like the first snow. To cover up what I’ve done and start over, to melt away the bad things, and burrow down into the good.

See you on Friday!