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I’ve got Jenna Woginrich’s One Woman Farm on my left, a cup of iced tea on my right, and a Ravelry tab open in my internet browser. All of a sudden fall fever has hit me like a stiff wind, full of hope. I’ve got fall colored yarn in the cedar chest and my great-grandmother’s knitting needles in a tall can, it’s time to break them out and get to the going.

I apologize for not writing yesterday, things got a little away from me. That seems to happen a lot, but let’s roll with it. Fall is here, and so am I.

The one thing I’m really looking forward to this fall (hence the sudden dire need for knitted fall-colored items) is the Howard Fire Company Punkin’ Chunkin’.  I swear, there hasn’t been a conversation in which I haven’t said something along the lines of “OMG PUNKIN CHUNKIN I AM SO READY I AM TAKING OFF WORK TO GO I’M GONNA BE THERE ALL DAY.” Yeah, I’m a little intense. But hey, there’s gonna be ancient siege machinery throwing pumpkins into the lake country-style and by golly I’m not missing out. (I’m taking a lawn chair. Y’all know lawn chairs mean serious business.)

It’s fall y’all. I’m ready. Are you?