500 posts. 500 times stopping here to write, to let you all know how life is here in Pennsylvania. 500 times I opened up to strangers on the internet and making some friends.

This here is a picture of the dam, a treasured place. If you know the area well enough, you can pick out the very spot where I’m standing, but that’s not important. What is important- the most important thing of all about this picture, is this view. That tail end of the mountain on the right? That’s my mountain, or at least the mountain that I call my own, regardless of who the land belongs to. I would guess it was the mountain that cowed me into writing here again. Every day it was there, doing its mountain-y thing, a constant reminder of what I really and truly hold near and dear to me.

No matter how nerdy and citified I might appear, and even be, there will never be anything more than I love than the land, and the family that resides on it. It makes me think of how Scarlett O’Hara had Tara- no matter where she was, who she was, and what she was doing, Tara was always there. Tara was waiting for her, and my mountain does that for me. It will wait for me, in its own symbolic way.

And that comes around back to this blog. This blog will always be here, will always wait for me. It is becoming home, as sporadic as it may be. I will always share my story here, no matter what direction it goes in. I might end up in the city one day, teaching passels of kids; but this is the place for me, the place where I belong, the place where a mountain is a role model, the place where my heart is.

See you on Friday.