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Bijenkorven bij tehuis Bronbeek voor oud-KNIL-militairenI’m a little tied up at the moment… I helped Pap and Gram harvest 2 frames of honey on Sunday, and took a bunch of pictures on my phone, (plus a video!) that are not on the big computer. I’ll see all y’all tomorrow with a bumper post of honey pictures!

PS: Check out those skeps! Did you know, that to remove honey from a skep, a beekeeper had to either smoke with sulfur or dunk the skep into cold water to remove bees? Sadly, this came out of fashion because both methods killed all the bees in the hive. When the Langstroth hive became popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s, not only could the beekeepers keep a colony alive throughout winter, they could have much more honey than any previous method had ever produced!