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That was my morning view today. I was over at the Clinton County Fairgrounds for their weekly Farmer’s Market with Great Aunt D. This pic is approximately 7 AM, chilly enough to scream Fair Weather! yet beautiful enough to make me want the moment forever. Mornings are the best, man. Check it out sometime.

Anyway, while I was there I brought home a book for Mom, a pot of flowers for HJ (they’re some sort of sunflowery things, I’ll post a picture tomorrow!) and a quart of fresh, local peaches. I bought the peaches from a nice boy and his funny pappy, the flowers from an Amish family and the book from a lady across the hall. I love farmer’s markets, they’re a great place to meet new peeps and fill up on good food.


This is what I made with the peaches, a Peach and Cinnamon Tart. I thought it was totally delicious, although it did not sail with the whole family. (You know who you are!) I just learned how to make this in my 4-H Cooking class. First I made it with apples, but this time, 4 medium peaches did the trick. Or, about four medium peaches… I did steal a piece or two while I was slicing the peaches up! 😉

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What’s going on in your neck of the woods?