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Some girls read Seventeen, others The New York Times, and I read farm magazines. I don’t know how or when I started, but I just have always kind of read them. My latest pick-up is the Capper’s Farmer Fall 2013 issue.

So far I’ve enjoyed it. It’s pretty much got all of my favorite subjects… lots of cooking, a bit of animal miscellany, and a crafty bit at the end! In fact… I already have an idea from the crafty bit. 😉

There’s a lot of recipes in this issue, I’m going to try the Apple Fritters (pg 67) and the Apple Stack Cake (pg 71) after I visit Way Fruit Farm sometime soon. The Zucchini Goat Cheese Tart (pg 12) and Grilled Yellow Potato Planks (pg 18) sound good, too. It always helps that they have nice pictures!

Every magazine has advertisements, but I didn’t notice a lot in Capper’s Farmer. The ads shown didn’t really seem out of place, mostly ads for a cookbook and mobile chicken coops. The regular stuff, just a lot less of it!

I especially liked the article about the fall gardens. The homemade pizza part was pretty good, too. Enough to make me want to make a homemade pizza! (Not what we had for dinner, though.) There’s an article about fishing that I’m planning on reading, although the dog article didn’t apply to me because I’m not a dog person. That’s okay, though- I enjoyed the pretty dog pictures!

I’m certain I’ll buy Capper’s Farmer again, as long as I can find it. I found this issue at the Dollar General down the road a-ways on a trip for TP (which Pappy Barney escorted because I still cannot drive on my own). Anyway, it was a solid four stars in my book! I would recommend this mag to anyone looking for a new read. Happy reading!