white daisies on a wood panel background

Oh, summer. How I loathe and love thee.

On a high note, the pool is almost ready, and I’ve found a decent car that I’m considering. On a low note, I’m another jobless teenager in America. 

Anyway, life is good. You know how that is- when nothing particularly spectacular happens, but when it’s all GOOD? Like, you’re having a good day, everyday. Good days are great, especially after this winter. Good days are fabulous- good days in sweatpants, good days in shorts. Good days at the thrift store finding good pants for college in the fall.

Good days are so underrated. Society has made everyone believe that every day has to be SPECTACULAR and PRODUCTIVE and SO AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL THERE ARE NO MORE SUPERLATIVES TO DESCRIBE IT. Those days are nice, but the good days are my favorite.

My favorite kind of good day includes snuggling with Gabe & Addie, probably watching Caillou or Mighty Machines, some sort of baking/craft thing, and reading time. Yeah, lazy dog days of summer or whatnot, but hey, these are good days. You don’t have to go to the beach to relax, after all.

baby robins in a nest, one has neck streached up, peeping for food

Speaking of good things, a Mama and Daddy Robin built a nest in a planter hanging on the porch. Here they are, in all their birdy unfeathered glory. It’s incredible to watch nature do its thing. No, it’s good to watch nature do its thing.

What’s your version of a good day?