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Three skeletons at the piano

My Relatively Undead Band & I (I’m on the Piano, guys!!!)

I’m known for being a zombie.

Or, at least, when I’m sick.

It’s common knowledge in my family that even in the slightest notion of illness I become the President of the Undead, totally and completely. Not only do I look the part, but I do the whole shuffle/moan w/stiff arms thing spot-on. I should have been cast as an extra in Warm Bodies. However, I have a few tricks to not be a zombie.

#1: Be Proactive!

Yo, just take the Tylenol. If it means bypassing six hours spent agonizing over versus the light-blocking power of a blanket or the sound-blocking power of the pillow, do it.

#2: Sleep It Off!

Obviously, if we’re zombies we are not sleeping, and that it unsatisfactory. We want to be sleeping. Stop what you are doing and cuddle in your bed and take a nap. However, if you aren’t at home or working in a mattress store, chill out. Quit your stressing over your headache (and if you were clever and took whatever helps your symptoms subside), finish work, and head home for that nap.

#3: Zone Out!

NOT in the zombie sense. Do not tune out your humanity, but tune out to the world, man. Sometimes a part of the healing process is to ignore everything around you for a short while. By all means watch that marathon of Roseanne and sip mugs of your favorite heated substance. Be aware- you cannot keep up your zone-outedness for very long. Eventually you’ll reach zombie stage and never return.

#4: Indulge!

This last tip of mine does not coincide with #3. Keep it all in moderation. This is the step where you break out the extra-uber-dark chocolate you keep in the back of the baking cabinet and have a few nibbles. I especially like to do this when I’m super stressed out. Taking a moment for myself helps stave off zombie-me for quite a while.

Well, there’s my 4 tips on how not to be a zombie! Use as directed to prevent zombie-you, consult your doctor if you actually start craving human brains.

PS: While this post bends the rules a little for the Take Care prompt, I’m rolling with it.