How are you today? I’m okay, although I’m addicted to knitting the fingerless mitts I showed you yesterday. I didn’t get any spinning done, but I did work on Spanish and slog through English… and read the Nubby Twiglet blog and cried silent tears for design. (In a previous life [well, middle school] I wanted to be a graphic designer- not to be.)

I do find the visual arts incredibly appealing. I’m a crap painter, and I can’t draw to save my life, so I struggle with photography instead. I currently have a love-hate relationship with my camera, which usually goes like this:

Me: You’re out of batteries again! (dramatically low sobbing)

Camera: whzzz

Me: Why must the photography world hate me sooooo?? (even more dramatic sobbing)

Camera: bzzzz whzzz click

BUT, but, but my dear blog readers, I am trying a new direction with photography. I’m going to do a 365 project! No more Autumn fooling around with knitting projects and conveniently forgetting batteries! I have goals, I have dreams, I have prompts! 

Anyway, I’m nine days behind so I better hurry up with everyone else.

PS: I finished the first mitt! I feel like a genius! I’ll show you tomorrow!