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Oh my, the winter holiday break is over, and it’s back to the grindstone for school. Thankfully, I had a Cherry Mash hanging about to snack on while I was working on Spanish earlier this afternoon. I’m so glad I can find them at the Hobby Lobby. (Oh, Hobby Lobby!)

Have you ever been to a Hobby Lobby? There’s one down in Altoona. It’s a giant craft store with everything you think you could possibly need for your crafts there, plus some. I love just to walk around and see what they have out. Last time I was there I found some beads and scrapbook paper.


DQ’s a little sad the Christmas decorations are down. She’s very much a Christmas cat, always has been for some reason. She likes to creep down and visit us and lick the tree during the holiday season. She’s been super snuggly as of late, which I very much appreciate.

I was hoping to have a finished project to show you today, but I’m still fringing it. I haven’t talked much about this project yet, aside from a few posts in the fall. I’m glad to have finished something so soon in the new year!

What have you been up to? Working on any projects?