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Headphones by Little Boots via Youtube

Here’s a lovely list of links I’ve come across this week…

Curious as to how blushing works? This video explains the science of blushing.

An incredible TED talk about introverts.

I hope my kids are as awesome as the kid who wrote a letter to the weatherman. 

This guide to Finding What Inspires You is helpful… and inspiring!

Have you seen the rainbow shawl over at Wool and Chocolate? It’s simply gorgeous.

GeekyBookSnob shared an amazing stop-motion mini-movie the other day.

Like, Comment, Follow: what happened to being genuine in the blogosphere?

I recently started following Susannah Conway’s blog.

The novel The Alchemist was recently recommended to me, and I’m hoping to read it.

Things I Love That Are Not Age Appropriate… I love bingo with a burning passion.