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I’ve got this need to travel right now.

Go anywhere. Do anything.

Just as long as I’m traveling.

These feelings come and go often with me- one minute I’m content to be at home, knitting & watching television, and then the next I’ve got my hand on the doorknob, begging someone to take me anywhere. 

Right now, I wish I could go somewhere flat. I know- it sounds so odd from the girl who loves her mountains and misses them whenever she leaves. Reminiscing about the flatness of California & Kansas makes me want to go back out. The flatness of those places was refreshing. Plus, the blue skies that come with a flat area is fantastic.

Maybe I could go somewhere with a lake. A big lake, full of fish to catch. I’d love to go fishing. I barely went this summer. (My one true regret!) Maybe try fishing from a boat. That would be a new experience for me.

Oh! Maybe explore the streets of the City. As much as I am loathe to admit it, I have never actually done much on the streets of the City. I always felt too much of a country person to do that. I could try it- shopping for Christmas presents downtown!

Another idea is to go to a new country. In fact, I want to go to Canada, I haven’t been there since I was eight. Maybe things have changed in Niagara Falls since 2003. It’d be a long trip, but a fun one if the route was planned right.

Honestly, I could go anywhere right now. Where would you go?