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Summary (From Back of Book)

Nothing is as it seems.

When Britt’s older brother, Bran, lands a summer job house-sitting in Florida, it seems like a great opportunity. Britt’s family has just recently moved to Florida, and could use the extra money while her mom finishes college. There’s only one problem: Britt starts to suspect her family isn’t supposed to be there.

Britt starts poking around, and makes a startling discovery- the owners of the house aren’t who Bran says they are. So whose house are they living in, and why has Bran brought them there?

My Thoughts

The House on the Gulf is certainly a captivating novel about forgiveness and what it means to be a family. Through the eyes of Britt, the reader sees how her life suddenly takes an upturn when Bran (her brother) announces he has a house-sitting job for the summer, miraculously saving them money while their mother attends school and Bran can work at his job.

That, sounds wonderful to Britt, although she quickly becomes suspicious when Bran’s personality changes from calm to frantic overnight. As Britt collects evidence that everything isn’t how it’s supposed to be, the reader can feel the tension in the air.

I liked this suspenseful novel, seeing as I read it in a day! Haddix’s writing style makes it easy to fall into Britt’s world, which I was “trapped” in for the few hours it took for me to read this book. The House on the Gulf is a nice break in books, since it was short. Overall, it’s obvious that this book is for kids & teens because the plot’s pretty easy to understand (even I figured things out before Britt did), but I still enjoyed reading it, nonetheless.

I give The House on the Gulf 4 out of 5 stars. Do you have any questions or comments about this novel?