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The Red Necklace book cover

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It’s Paris, France, what else is left to be desired? A lot, considering the lives of Yann Margoza and Sido. On one fateful night in Sido’s father’s mansion, their lives are entwined forever, or is that just destiny? As the reader follows through Yann’s tragic life, they learn that the French Revolution wasn’t as good as it seemed to be- and through Sido’s eyes we can see the fear and pain everyone felt during such a time.

How do you distinguish right from wrong in a time full of turmoil? How do you find love in a world that seems so without?

My Thoughts

I’ve read “The Red Necklace” twice over. What a spellbinding, white knuckled, edge-of-your-seat read this one is! “The Red Necklace” has just about everything- drama, romance, betrayal, a touch of magic, and most of all- suspense! How can I cram such a wonderfully written novel into just a few paragraphs?

Let me start with Yann Margoza- the handsome, magical, and smart protagonist of this story. Yann’s a Gypsy, which in ordinary circumstances, would be a terrible thing in France during the late 1700s,  but Yann and his friend Tetu make a living by being magicians in a traveling magic show. Yann’s abilities with throwing his voice and reading minds make a good addition to the act, complete with the magic bullet and Pierrot the doll.

When Yann meets Sido, the daughter of a French noble, their lives change forever. As Sido struggles with the unwanted affections of the terrible Count Kalliovski, Yann fights his own battles against the evil man in his own way. Trying to save Sido and his own life, Yann risks everything- but was it enough?

So, as you can see, “The Red Necklace” is a killer read, unintentional inside joke aside. I learned a lot about the French Revolution, even if this tale was fantastical instead of real. This book kept me awake at night- and not because it was scary (which it isn’t, actually) but because I had to keep reading! While I can read many books in one sitting, I had to stop and think about what was going on in “The Red Necklace” because the plot is surprisingly complicated for such a short read.

I give “The Red Necklace” 5 out of 5 stars. Do you have any questions or comments about this novel? Are you thinking of reading “The Red Necklace” by Sally Gardner?