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I’m borderline full-on freaking out about the project you see above. (It’s a Shizuku* in Noro Silk Garden Aran*.) This photo was taken circa 11:30 AM yesterday morning, highlighting a nice part of the day where I justified starting a new project because I felt good. How did I know that 9 hours later I would be fretting about gauge & having enough yarn?

Of course, I didn’t swatch. I’m gonna be really honest right now- I don’t swatch. I have never swatched, save for one occasion where I was working on a chevron hat of my own design & I was totally out of my league. As nearly every other knitter is going to say: I should have swatched.

Now, riddle me this: with US #10 needles, I’ve efficiently managed to get 27 out of 32 increase stitches with about 20 yards to spare in my first ball. So that’s not too bad, right? Well… I’m currently 27 out of 32 stitches with 20 yards to spare.

really want to stick to the pattern for once, and I think I may have to re-knit everything, or should I chuck gauge out the window again and keep going with the 10s? Have a longer scarf with more drops or a shorter scarf with less drops? Be lazy or not be lazy? What do you recommend?

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