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the garter stitch blanket in question

I’ve got the garter stitch blues, everyone. I’m hitting that point on A’s blanket where it seems as if someone’s unraveling it while I’m sleeping at night, causing me to stay up and stare at the project lying innocently in my basket. This happens with most every garter-stitch based project I’ve ever worked on.

I suppose this is because I know I’m a “better knitter” than just garter stitch, all the time. I know I can work on & complete projects with more complicated and beautiful stitch patterns, but for some reason or another I always fall back on a garter stitch project. Is it because I’m too lazy to try something harder, or am I just overestimating my actual skill level?

I’ve been knitting now for six years. Six long years of completing the very basic of projects, six long years of dishcloths and scarves.Very few times I’ve ever tried something that’s not garter stitch, and even if I do end up completing the project, it lies in my yarn chest, languishing away in its unblocked state. There’s absolutely no reason for this, it feels like treason!

Garter stitch, at its very core, is simply knitting one stitch after another. I suppose that’s why Elizabeth Zimmermann would write a whole book based upon its efficiency and speedily-knit qualities. While I haven’t gotten my hands on this book, I am tempted to try more garter-stitch based designs. With a look-about on Ravelry, I found a couple designs I’m tempted to try to help ease my case of garter stitch blues.

First design I liked is the Rikke Hat. I like the shape of the hat, because it’s slouchy without being slouchy, you know? I could definitely add a pompom if I thought necessary  (I come from “Pompom Every Hat In the Universe” school of thought!)

22.5 Degrees by Martina Behm* looks like a cool project to try. By looking at the 1,000 plus projects on Ravelry, it seems versatile for both solid & variegated yarns. I would think this project would be awesome in a kettle-dyed yarn, since it’s simple enough to show the slight variations in color saturation.

I’ve been increasingly addicted to the idea of shawlettes, and the gorgeous Ka’ana Shawlette by Jennifer Weissman* is no exception. In fact, I’ve just placed that pattern into my queue! With both the basic garter stitch body, Ka’ana’s leafy, slightly geometric border pattern looks to be able to change it up without being too complicated.

I’m surprised at the amount of free garter stitch based patterns on Ravelry. There’s a lot of them that have high project counts. I like it when pattern designers upload high quality photos, and the garter stitch section has a lot of that. There’s easily enough project ideas to be knitting garter stitch designs for the rest of your life!

I guess I’m not so disillusioned as I thought I was. Now, about that blanket…

* Ravelry links