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I baked bread today using the Walter Sand’s Favorite Bread – Bread Machine Version recipe from King Arthur Flour. I must of done something right, because the loaf turned out wonderfully. Previously, I’ve had difficulties getting an even rise (even in a machine) and the inside to be light but hearty.

The bread was perfect enough for me to try to take some pictures of it. This has been my first foray into food photography; before I was challenged with the idea of food photography because it the lighting inside the house isn’t always great. Today, the brown wallpaper in the hallway was just right as a background- interesting and yet kept with the colors found in the bread. Add in the open door to my left, everything was just right!

Aside from being pretty, the bread was delicious. On its own, the loaf was very buttery- I had estimated 2 tablespoons of butter instead of measuring, so I was actually much nearer towards 3. That’s fine by me- I like my bread buttery!

I’m glad I’m starting to get the hang of baking bread, even if it is in the bread machine! I suppose the adage “try, try, and try again!” really has been a motivator to baking better bread, and as evidenced by today’s delicious experiment, trying again really does count.