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I am currently wearing a mustache and talking like Inigo Montoya when I talk, so I thought I would write a blog post because I have been away for over a week.

Did I mention The Avengers in that last sentence? No? Well I did and it was amazing and I think I will make a run on sentence about The Avengers‘s amazingness and how perfect it was for a Thursday night in a semi-empty theater after you had injected AVENGERS into every conversation with a human being for the last month.

Every day I have listened to Pandora Radio and danced, the irises bloomed, bees are doing well, I was able to take a decent photo of one of the martins, and have I mentioned I am wearing a fake mustache?

I will get back into the swing ASAP. Be prepared!



PS: If you get who I am talking about in the first sentence, you are the best… seriously.