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Image via paulnoll.com

Purple Martins.

The friendliest, wily-est, silliest birds I have yet to meet, and I dare say I have officially “met” one today. His name is Mr. Martin (as I call him) and every morning, at exactly 8 o’clock, he is resting on the swing, singing his effortlessly cheerful song while I fill Bill’s water bucket.

Purple Martins are social birds- meaning they live in colonies, and they like to nest where there are other birds and evenpeople.The forlorn part about these birds that as much as they love roosting where people are near, people have a habit of destroying the birds’ homes.

For decades, the people of America have set up Martin houses, gourds, what-have-you, to attract this threatened species into areas where they can roost safely. For the last few years, Dad has put up his house (sans gourds) to have no Martins nest there, but this year, (with gourds) the Martins have come!

I love watching them fly about as they search for nesting supplies. Even though all of our Martins are juveniles, they still make a nest. It’s hilarious to watch them perch and then open their beaks to sing, losing a few blades of grass in the process!

How many of you, Dear Readers, have Purple Martin houses?