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Beekeeper’s hives on the Saint Johns RiverPhoto via State Archives and Library of Florida on Flickr

I’ve got BEES!

Yesterday Pap H’s first hive swarmed! It was an amazing phenomenon, for ten minutes it seemed like the bees were going completely crazy when in reality they were just searching for their queen.

Pap whipped out my hive (I was standing in the middle of his yard, completely in awe!) and straightaway got everything ready. They descended on a small pine branch, which was thankfully within reach.

The cluster itself was small- or maybe it justseemedsmall- but quickly they were in the hive, already working away. It’s amazing how so many creatures can orchestrate a mass exodus and keep relative chaotic organization.

Last night Pap brought the bees here, and now they are tucked away in my own miniature bee-yard. I did a re-read of the swarm section in my bee-book, and it recommends I leave the bees alone for a while; except to fill up the sugar-water-feeder when it gets close to empty. I won’t be taking any pictures or video soon, but I believe Gram is going to send me pictures that she took during the swarm.

It feels a little surreal to have bees; I mean, I have wanted to have a hive for so long and now it happened! Just thinking about them makes me smile and laugh. I’m a beekeeper! Finally!