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Student using computer, c1970s

Photo via LSE Library on Flickr


  • Do schoolwork
  • Decide to take a blog break
  • Play with stats of blog for a long time
  • Family-stuff
  • Gaze at computer while trying to read
  • Sleep


  • Do schoolwork
  • Think about blogging
  • Go on a sleepover
  • Think about blogging some more
  • Play video games
  • Think about different blogs
  • Sleep


  • Wake up thinking about writing a blog post
  • Remember you are at a friend’s house without a computer
  • Think about what you would have wrote on your blog
  • Hang out with your friend
  • Think about all of your followers
  • Go home
  • Sit at the computer and think of something to write about
  • Don’t publish because it’s awful
  • Eat dinner; think about blogging
  • Feel bad about not blogging for so long
  • Go to sleep


  • Write a blog post