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Imagine living as a princess, and then when you were sixteen years old, told you were not a princess and then turned out of the castle and onto the street. Well, that’s pretty much what happens to Sinda Azaway, the protaganist in Eilis O’Neal’s book The False Princess.

Sinda, former princess of Thorvaldor, sets out on a wild adventure (with magic, of course) to find the real princess and bring her back before a massive coup for the throne! Maybe I’ve given away too much already, but it’s such a wonderfully written book I’m sure it won’t matter.

I really loved this book, especially because it was about unconventional princesses, mysteries, and magic. Plus, Philanthia pretty much rocked in her own nerdy wizard-y way. I was rendered speechless at the end of the book… I had high hopes that Sinda really was the real princess, but….. I won’t tell! 😉

I would definitely give this book 5 out of 5 stars for sheer awesome. Maybe “sheer awesome” is an exaggeration, but the truth nonetheless.