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The first winter we had the barn, I made up a game for Bill and I to play when I went outside. All I do is run around to the backside of the barn and holler “Bill!” at the top of my lungs. Eventually he gets the picture and comes running after me, but normally only until I’m laughing so hard that I’m practically crying.

Today I tried to mix it up. Bill’s gotten the hang of our “game” by now, and he gets the picture when I take off for the barn. This time, I handed him a bough of forsynthia, and took off for the barn when he wasn’t looking.

I crouched behind the lawn mower and gave a good yell. I could hear Bill’s bell, and he whipped by me- he didn’t even notice me!

He came around again, and again. The last time, he stopped in the door and gave a good Bill-style holler for me. I yelled back “Bill, come and get me!” Sooner than later he came around again, and finally noticed me.

I swear that look on his face! It was absolutely hilarious- the perfect mix between bewilderment and “why didn’t I think of this before?” I wish I had my camera, but the look was so fleeting & hilarious!

It’s always the little things about Bill that make me laugh the hardest. Moments like this one today make it really worth it to have the chance to take care of him. I can’t imagine what I would be like today without having him around- I know I would laugh a lot less, though!