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With the lack of much else to read at the moment, I have been lazily flicking through my copy of The Knitter’s Almanac. I really love this book- its myonly anythingwritten by Elizabeth Zimmermann, and every time I open it I am completely entranced- are her other books like this?

I apologize for not writing lately, turns out I needed a bit of a break. On Friday, I contracted a stomach bug, Saturday was spent recovering and Sunday was mostly a blur.

As with reading the Almanac, I have been working on my three outstanding projects: Gabe’s blanket, a dishcloth, and the Halcyon Blanket. Mom kindly called Stitch Your Art out for some more of the yarn for the Halcyon blanket (I made a grave mistake when buying yarn, I regret it, but now I have extra pretty yarn!) so it’s on hold, and crochet a blanket is not appealing in 70 degree weather.

Bill is just fine, there was an incident with hay bales, lots of new bedding, and mice so he has all fresh grain and I am scrambling around looking for hay. (There’s really not much.) Dad helped me  move his decking so he has dirt to lay on during the day and is perfectly content.

As a final note, I can’t believe my birthday is on Saturday. I will be seventeen years old! I can’t believe it, and I am stunned that I made it this far. (No clue why, but I like the feeling of accomplishment.)

I hope everyone else’s Monday has been wonderful, and I will see y’all tomorrow!