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Last night was my first time attending the Centre County Bees meeting! (Oh, if any of you were there, I was the kid in the back.) I really liked the meeting- I had never learned so much! I took two whole pages of notes in my Bee Notebook.

I truly was expecting a whole bunch of old farts… and there was not an old fart in sight! From new-bees like me to some fellows who have been keeping for nearly four (or more!) decades, my estimation of fifteen to twenty stick-in-the-muds was totally off!

I did have enough gumption to ask a question, which was “what time in the morning do you want light to touch the hive?” And several people politely responded “ASAP!”

Someone was polite enough to offer some back issues of Bee Culture to everyone for free, so I took the June 2011 issue, which has been a treasure trove of information.

The main topic of discussion was winter management, but we also touched on bear prevention (I learned a way to prevent bears from attacking hives, something to to with ammonia balloons, it’s all in my notebook) to placement of hives.

I was (and am) about hesitant about taking on a mentor other than Pappy, but I think for right now I’ll be okay, and always I can ask anyone else in the club for help if I need it, thankfully!

I’m glad I went, and I will definitely go back. I forgot to ask about membership things (I walked in the door with Pappy just as they were wrapping that stuff up) but next month I will take care of all of that.

If any of the members are reading right now (which would totally be awesome, even if a slim chance) thanks for a great meeting!

PS: I’m pretty sure the thing pictured up top is called a skep but correct me if I am wrong!