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SO(I might as well start off this way) we headed out for S2’s dance class early today to stop at the Boalsburg Farmer’s Market. By the way, we bought Smoked Gouda cheese, 2 big jars of Way Fruit Farm applesauce, 1/2 peck Jonagold apples, some potatoes, 3 spelt cookies, and some sauerkraut.

When we get to the church where S2’s dance class was at, there was nobody there, and apparently dance was canceled, so we headed down the little country road to our stamp club.

A little bit later down the road, we come around the bend, and Mom says to me “What’s that?” A little black and white ruffly lump was sitting right in the middle of our lane. I jumped out of the car to get it off, and here it was a chicken!

As soon as I got close, I started saying “Get up now little biddie, come on, get up!” So the little chicken gets up, and starts to weave its way across the road, with me following.

By this time, there is a car in the opposite lane stopped, and some cars behind Mom. The little chicken kept circling around and around, and then she ran into a barn which was right next to the road. That’s when I found out she was blind in one eye, (and also very old, she looked like she was molting but was indeed not molting)

I tried to get close to pick her up over their fence, but then a man with a dog came running along side the road (to exercise, not the people owning the farm) who started helping.

I had to scoot across the road and get back in our car (I really couldn’t see what the fellow with the dog was doing) and we drove away because we had traffic backed up on this little country road.

Mom says to me “I bet it was meant for you to go with us and have dance canceled so you could help that little chicken.” I almost teared up. (Okay, maybe a little, I really do love chickens.)

I couldn’t help but think about the poor little old blind chicken through our whole stamp club, and even now I’m praying for her as I’m writing this post. Yes, you read that right, I’m praying for a chicken.

PS: Yes, this really truly happened today and I sorta can’t believe it, but I did pray for God to humor me today (after this morning’s events), I just never thought it would be this way!