The tip of the iceberg

So far, I could say today has been an awful-no-good-terrible-bad-day, but there’s the rest of the day to have yet. I’m still going to tell y’all about it, because right now it seems terribly funny.

In the barn, there is a mini-loft where I keep the hay. Bill was in the barn this morning an extra 20 minutes because I was helping out with Addie (my baby sister). Bill wasn’t waiting at the window for me, so I opened up the door, and lo and behold,

All the hay was on the floor.

I made Bill get out of the barn as fast as I could, and hooked him up, gave him his water and some grain. I jumped in the barn and yelled around for a little, trying to figure out what to do. I was madder than a wet hen at that point, but then I remembered the extra wood we have laying around, so maybe Dad and I can built a wooden hayrack later today- I got all calmed down and stuff and went inside.

Well, coming inside I had the bright idea to look online for plans. So I decided to get my school printer hooked up to my laptop (so I could print nonexistent plans), and the minute I realized I could do that, I completely forgot a major thing:


Exactly 30 minutes, one trip to the attic, one session of tearing my room apart, and several trips stomping up and down the steps until I start yelling having a negative conversation with myself. I tried to talk to Mom about it, but I was too upset for her to really help me out.

When I get upstairs I realized it really doesn’t matter if my printer is hooked up right now, and fifteen minutes until my first live session for the day I’m writing a blog post. I’m audibly saying “facepalm” and wishing I wasn’t angry at Bill so I could go give him a goat hug. I guess that’s what cats are for. 😉

Sometimes it’s like everything upsetting happens all at once, and I can’t help but laugh and talk about it a lot. I’ve got an awfully messy room and 8 minutes until I live session, so I’m signing out for the day. Try not to have a day like mine, everyone!