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Lost my Source!

The Lowdown

Lizzie’s dead… well, Liz is dead. She wakes up on a strange boat headed to a strange place. Turns out she’s headed to Elsewhere, the place where people go when they have died. Nobody is born in Elsewhere, and nobody has died in Elsewhere. It’s a strange place for Liz to be- apparently aging backwards has that affect on you!

Why I Read It

No particular reason, really. One of the books on our local Bookmobile that I have not read yet, so I picked it up!

My Thoughts

This book was written in third person, which is not normally the type of narration I read. Thankfully, it was refreshing and a new take on “life.” The book itself is well written and has complex characters. Liz’s own thoughts and emotions are easily conveyed, even though the book is not in her view. I liked the whole driving-parallel-parking-Owen thing! I felt sad when Sadie finally de-aged and was left go. But, the arrival of Lucy was nice to balance it out! I definitely cried at the end- when Liz is four and Owen is six, well, it was just a heartbreaking scene… and then when Liz was let go and Owen was 2, I teared up, but it was nothing much.

elsewhere was a refreshing read! I suggest this book to preteens and up- I doubt anyone much younger than that would understand how the book works. elsewhere was quick, simple, and a very lovely read!