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I’ve been thinking of bees a lot lately. I’m still reading Practical Beekeeping, but since it is so informative I read it a chunk at a time.

I think bees are incredible creatures. They were definitely made special by God… how can 60,000 women get along together without anything super-serious?!

I’m really excited to start beekeeping. I’m slowly gathering knowledge from various sources on the web and offline. The local Association just had their latest meeting, and I was invited by my grandfather has invited me a long for the next meeting.

The people involved with beekeeping are much like the people involved in stamp collecting, surprisingly. Each and every one of them are different… and yet they all (generally) get along because of their common denominator.

Plus, the factual side of beekeeping is astounding… so many studies, so much to learn! Colony organization, life cycle, and behavior as a group are some of the few topics I’ve been trying to read more about.

Who all out there keeps bees? Have any tips for newbies?