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On knitting, that is! I’ve nearly fallen in love with crochet… it is so much more relaxing than knitting, I dare say!

I think it’s mostly because my crochet skills are very no-nonsense. In knitting, I can do everything. Cables, lace, socks, blankets, you name it, I’ve probably tried knitting it. Crochet… it isn’t like that with me. I can’t do the fancy things, just pretty much treble stitches and granny squares, and oh, the occasional scarf.

I like it that way. Ever since I finished theSpring Blush SocksI haven’t had the heart for knitting… and that’s the truth.

The project I’m working on (the one you see in the picture) is a blanket for Lil Bro. I’m a long way away, but for some reason, I’m okay with it. If I was knitting this, I would be dying to get it done. I’d huff and puff and moan and groan that I’m not getting anywhere. Just the other day I felt this way with this project, and then as soon as my color stripe was done, I felt like I moved a mountain!

I’m only dedicating myself to one crochet project at a time, but already I’ve got plans for a rainbow/white granny square blanket, a purple monochrome ripple, and a fall-colored hexagon blanket for the wagon of ours.

Oh my. I might be in deeper than I thought! 😀