Oh, the weather right now! Even though the sky is grey, the snow is slowly disappearing to reveal the old grass. Days are almost always in the high thirties, so it means we are getting close to spring!

I admit, I have not ordered chickens or seeds. Right now there have been other priorities, like making sure Bill is still healthy. There were a few days ago last week that he wasn’t… ahem… regular… but that was fixed up in a jiff.

I’m trying to play it “cool” and relax for the rest of winter. I have this feeling things are going to go cra-a-zy come spring! Do any of you get feelings like that? Like something big is going to go down soon?

I’m trying to crack down on some works-in-progresses, I want to spend the spring and summer starting new things. As soon as some of my knitting projects are done, I’m totally crocheting a cushion cover for my Nana.

I guess all of this randomness is really just leftover stuff from posts the last few days. I don’t think I’m as articulate as I should be, but this is a blog called “Barn Talk” so I guess anything can be drawn across the table at any time.

I hope this wasn’t obtrusive… oh, who am I kidding?

Have a good afternoon everyone!