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On the St. Lawrence at Riviere du Loup (LOC)

Photo via The Library of Congress on Flickr

It must be this time of year. This time of change, of hope, of renewal. I both love and hate change, but it must be human nature because it’s the same for many other people. I am the type of person to crave change, but when it arrives, I pine desperately for what I had.

Other than the blog, I am am inward person. I have my flights and fits, and if I know you well, I can just about talk your ears off. But other than that, I don’t like to tell other people what I’m thinking. I treasure times when it’s just me and my thoughts.

So. Anyway. What this post is really about.

I have decided, that starting today, I will blog from my heart. I feel as if these last few weeks of blogging have been phony. Most farm blogs in the winter are bleak, so I read colorful craft blogs to compensate for the missing inspiration, and I am conflicted.

What do I want to blog about? Farming or crafting? Can I do both? How will I balance everything out? Will I be able to keep my readers who originally came here for farming? What about the people that came here for crafting? Where’s that fine line?

I know inside that I am moving on from dreaming of hundred acre farms to something I know I can accomplish in my lifetime. It’s not as if I am berating myself or telling myself I can’t do it, or putting myself down, it’s just I don’t have that desire any more.

My ultimate dream in the world really isn’t to just farm. I’ve come to realize that it’s the act of taking care of animals, people, and things that I enjoy. I do not dream of dollar signs or combines, I dream of those quiet moments standing in a barn, admiring its cleanliness, or feeding clucking chickens, milking capricious does.

Then there’s this little thing inside of me that keeps saying make! do! create! that I can’t stamp down. I get excited by the mere fact that I found new yarn in my stash, or have the chance to finish some jewelry projects or bake.

I want to blog from my heart, but where do I start?