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[Sunrise or sunset] (LOC)

Photo via the Library of Congress on Flickr

I never understand how people call themselves “night owls.” People claim they were made for the night- that they are unproductive in the sun like the rest of human society.

I suppose then, that since practically everybody says they are a night owl, I must call myself a dawn runner. That morning time is the time where I am my widest awake- the best of thoughts and ideas come to me then, as I look into the formerly dark night sky and see the sun.

What an amazing and beautiful thing, the sun. God must of really contemplated over it, making so many mysteries for us to solve about how the sun works. I used to think the sun was really just God, watching all of us. Taking care of us, keeping us warm.

I love to bask in the sun’s warmth. It is a great thing- so much heat travels so much space and keeps me at just the right temperature so far away. So much gravity, so much everything. Great arms reach out to us and wrap us around in one big solar hug.

I am a daughter of the sun. I do not feel complete in the morning without one long glance, skirting the edges of the great star in the sky. A blue blue backdrop to the brilliant yellow, like a fresh egg in a blue bowl.

So there. A person who truly enjoys the sun, loves it, cherishes it. Thank you God, for such an amazing thing You provide. A new morning, like the ones You promised so long ago.