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[General view, Nant Francon (i.e. Nant Ffrancon) Pass, Wales] (LOC)

Photo via The Library of Congress on Flickr

Coming to you live from Grandma’s Kitchen:

The last two days our internet has been out. (BTW- the last few days of posts have been scheduled so I could get going on my new semester in school.0 No phone, no television, cut off from “the outside world.” And let me tell you- what a blessing in disguise! These last two days I’ve got a lot craft project work in, finally got the chance to relax, and sing all of the songs in Silly Songs by Larry the Cucumber DVD.

So, here I am at Grandma’s, trying to catch up on schoolwork. Last night (when I was actually out & about) I got the chance to be at the local Barnes & Noble’s cafe to try to get up to speed, but as if! I did as much as I could and spent all of my money on the last issue of Mollie Makes #9.

I’ve been working on my embroidery project; I finished an entire motif & a half! Embroidery is very relaxing… but also a challenge! It’s hard trying to make all of my cross-stitches face the same way. I’m definitely getting better with practice, though.

Another good thing from having the internet out is that I got a chance to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Central Pennsylvania is somewhere in the top 10 for the most overcast places in America, so seeing the sun and sky in winter is the REAL miracle!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!!!