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I simply cannot describe myself as a “DIY-er” or “crafter” and whatnot. In fact, I consider “DIY-er” quite rude, because in no way am I one of those HGTV-watching-Jones-wannabes. But yet there is this little inside spark of aesthetic and “craftiness” inside that keeps me going when I’m down.

On the outside, I’m rather plain. (Reason #413078130895 why I don’t share my picture on the internet.) Wild Brown hair, brown eyes, white skin, glasses, slightly chubby, moderately tall. I wear jeans and t-shirts, plus oversize polar-fleece pullovers when I’m cold because I’m too broke to knit one.

My room is plain, too. Purply, but plain. I can’t abide by clutter or very much dust or disorganization. Several of my friends have stated that my room is “sterile.” I like little knick-knacks, but I can’t stand the knick-knackiness that comes with them.

Overall, as you can see, I’m plain. Homely, actually.

My biggest current secret (which will no longer be a secret in a minute) is that I love the aesthetic of “shabby-chic.”

I love patchwork, muted rainbows, properly restored antiques, nearly the whole gamut.

Bits and pieces of my formerly “sterile” room are decorated in such a style- my valances are brocade with sparkles, my pencil container covered in stamps, Red’s bowl filled with rainbow rocks, a house-shaped shelf full of my Mary-Moo-Moos. I’ve got a pipe cleaner flower twisted around my desk lamp and a fairy holding my reading lamp. My pinboard is full of pretty goaty things, and my knitting basket full of color. I’ll probably be writing about this liking more, because it’s an inspiration for me every day.

What I’m really trying to get to is that although someone may look plain or homely on the outside, nearly always these plain people are really and truly bright on the inside- even if it’s not particularly evident.