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The Lowdown

The Year we were Famous is based upon the author’s actual family. Clara and her mother, Helga, set off across America to raise money to sell their farm. Along the way, the two work for their overnight stay in homes, brave a flash flood, getting lost in the desert, and meeting a group of Indians.

Why I Read It

When I saw The Year we were Famous sitting on our Library’s new shelf, I was really excited! I guess you could say I picked it up on looks alone! πŸ˜‰

My Thoughts

The Year we were Famous was an awesome book! I’m definitely glad I read it- very refreshing compared the usual historical-romance sappiness that gets pushed out today. Not to mention the jacket was beautifully designed! πŸ˜‰ I really adored that this book was in Clara’s view- her own personal thoughts and opinions gave this book an unusual tone- but that’s what makes it great! Plus, being based upon actual familial happenings is excellent, because it obviously provided a foundation that the author built up upon to make the novel personal and a great adventure story!

Overall, The Year We Were Famous is a great book! I suggest picking it up at your library soon.