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I have been struggling with identifying this bird. This was the only shot I could get that was even remotely clear! Via a little research I came across the White-throated Sparrow, but please correct me if I am wrong!

Black-Capped Chickadee

I have been thinking of joining a bird-watcher’s group, since I love doing it so much. I can easily spend hours watching birds from our kitchen window in the winter, and I have spent plenty of hours in the summer watching & listening to the birds. I’m fairly certain there’s a group in my area, so I’m going to look into it some more.

Female Cardinal

For a while, there was a pair of female Cardinals coming into the yard, but only recently have the males starting coming, too. The one male is extremely bright- it’s almost hard to look at him because he’s so fluorescent! The other male is much more muted, I will try to sneak some shots of them in.

What sort of birds have y’all seen in your yards?