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Remember this sweet little quilt from earlier this summer? Well, I signed up for quilting again in 4-H this year. Weather I like it or not, quilting is a challenge for me and it something I want to (eventually) master. So, I am planning my quilt for this year.

I am thinking of something pretty, basic, but requires more skill than the last quilt. My idea is slightly hard to describe (I can’t draw or arrange a picture on Paint worth didly-squat!) so I’ll try anyway.

  • Throw quilt for in my room. So throw quilt size.
  • In the center, postage stamp blocks.
  • Around center, a small plain border.
  • Around small border, a border of bow-tie or “spool” pieced blocks.
  • bound off
  • straight-line quilting up and down

My color scheme is (hoping) to be jem-toned purples and greens. I’m also thinking the borders will be a solid color, and then the center blocks & the spools will be patterned.

I know this may seem a little unusual in describing a quilt, but the idea has been in my head for a while and I needed to write it down where I could refer to it.

I’m new to the quilting/sewing world, so do any experienced quilters out there have tips or suggestions?