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The Lowdown

The sequel to The Carbon Diaries 2015, Laura Brown pens her thoughts upon life in Europe- which is the middle of a water crisis, an energy crisis, and a flooding crisis, to mention a few. When her band, dirty angels, gets selected to go on tour throughout Europe, Laura is elated, albeit present issues with her boyfriend and a group called 2. But in Italy, all the cards are reshuffled when she makes a decision and takes a chance.

Why I Read It

I read The Carbon Diaries 2015 earlier in Summer 2011, so when I saw this book sitting in the “new” shelf in the YA section of our library, I was excited! If it hasn’t been mentioned before, diary-like books (and books about the future) are some of my favorites. I picked this book up purely because I knew the first was excellent!

My Thoughts

I truly believe this book did the world of sequels justice! The Carbon Diaries 2017 is much more action-packed and faster paced than the first, which is good for me! I liked how Laura’s relationship with Adi became more diverse and multifaceted. Sam was an interesting diversion for a while, although I am truly curious as to what happened to him in the end.

In total, The Carbon Diaries 2017 is an excellent book. I suggest this book to anyone at least 15 years old, because it can be a little mature, which since it is written like a diary, makes sense. I hope that some of you pick up The Carbon Diaries 2017 and it’s prequel, The Carbon Diaries 2015!