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Ever since some kittens moved in under our neighbor’s shed and being late putting my birdfeeders up- I have had difficulty attracting birds to the feeders in the yard. I prayed for some patience and kept the feeders full, and lo and behold, birds!

I am having a rough time keeping them in the yard- there’s only a handful of returning birds yet and I’m lacking some suet cakes. This morning was different, though!

A few sparrows, a blue jay, and a cardinal came into the yard this morning. When I went out to take care of Bill, I could hear other birds as well! That’s always a good sign- where there’s the song of one, there’s more pretty directly behind it!

This is my second year taking care of the feeders by myself. I genuinely love this chore! The beauty and song of small wild songbirds is something I have always enjoyed. My particular favorites are Cardinals, Downy Woodpeckers, Goldfinches, and Mourning Doves. I’ve seen a Cardinal, but no others yet this year.

Do you keep bird feeders? What are your favorites?