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As I am writing this post, I my knitting basket staring at me. If my knitting basket was a person, and looks could kill, I would be dead. Two rather innocent projects- a blanket and a sock- are still unfinished, even though they have been a WIP for several months.

I really enjoy knitting, I do. But sometimes, when life gets stressful or busy, knitting is cast aside for other things. I was inspired by the Yarn Harlot’s Self-Imposed Sock Club for my first 2012 resolution.

One of my 2012 resolutions is to knit 1 project or finish 1 knitting project a month. That’s plenty of time to start and finish a knitted gift for Christmas, or reach the end of an old project.

The first thing that will be ticked off the list is that blanket I have been making since 2010. It’s a large project, so it will be the only knitted thing worked on all January. I know for sure that this is a reasonable goal and something that I can achieve.

What sorts of resolutions/goals do you have so far?