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Well, it’s two days after Christmas and I haven’t blogged since Thursday of last week. Talk about being a bad blogger, eh? I don’t have much to say about Christmas, although I received two presents that made everything worth it- a beebox and a breadmaker.

Now, remember back in October when I asked Pappy for a beehive? Well, turns out he did actually make me one. When Pap pulled the blanket off of the hive in the trunk of his Explorer, it was pure joy when I yelled THANK YOU PAPPY!ย  I’ve got a lot of reading up to do (that means lots of visits to the library) and I’ll compile a resource page like I did for goats. (Eventually, of course!)

The other present is an Oster Breadmaker. I have been struggling to make bread by hand, and I just don’t seem to have the kind of talent that breadmaking requires. So, for Christmas, “Santa” tracked down a breadmaker for me. So far, I have made four loaves of bread in it that taste pretty delicious. I’ll write a review when I have had it for longer.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful! Have a good Tuesday.